when a global pandemic forces you to stop

- millenial burnout

- what does productivity mean

- boundaries between work and home become blurred with increased "flexibility" and "connectivity". There is no demarcation as to the portion of our lives that the people who are invested in us have no entitlement/rights to.

- establishing boundaries is becoming equivalent to social ostracism

- how do we connect now in more meaningful ways (i.e ways that don't commodify our personalities as products of a capitalist system) (google hangouts) - N.B: Is this a fallacious idea? The idea that publicly existing means you no longer have rights to your own behaviour? Y: Big data owns everything you do/by submitting it you place your work under a license by which companies can profit off of, and they don't even need your permission to do it. N: This is everywhere though. Book publishers, Record Labels, Website hosting - the only way to secure your rights to distribution is to do literally everything yourself - something that is pretty much impossible)

- Should we be more concerned with the privation of interactions? depriving the public of what it feels it has a right to see (due to the advent of "sharing" everything under the guise of strengthening preexisting relationships with family and friends - hello facebook 2012)

- pleading your right to step back, to withold information is one thing (generates hype) (stepping away for my own mh) but it's another to step apart entirely and simply not engage with the frameworks that govern our society, how we consume and distribute art and how we interact with one another.

- how do we disentangle using social media as a vehicle of personal expression (like a larynx or a telephone) from the legal reality, to the PR vehicle, to the artistic medium. How can we cope with such a multifaceted resource?

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